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How To Send Web Content Straight To your Kindle Browser.

If you're a Kindle (or Kindle app) owner and a Google Chrome user, here's good news: You can now send Web content directly to your mobile device.
ust add the Send to Kindle extension to Chrome, then navigate to any Web page you want to save. (You can also select text on a page if you don't need the whole thing.)
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Stitcher Radio launches new Android app with Smart Station and Sleep Timer

Stitcher, the popular mobile app for listening to podcasts, has released a nice update today that strengthens its core feature set, providing a “radio” feature for continued listening that adapts to your profile.
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How To Restore Hyperlink Function On HTC Phone

One of the casualties of Apple’s war on Android was a court order forcing HTC to remove any hyper-links derived from data like phone numbers or email addresses within Sense.  While we could go on all day about how ridiculous a decision this may have been, we’re here to fix problems not dwell on them.
The first, and always most important step is perform a nandroid or at least make a copy of your /system/build.prop file to be sure you have a way back to where you began.  After that, you’ll need a file explorer that allows root access, RootExplorer is a favorite.
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How To Root Your Galaxy Note Running Android 4.0.3 ICS firmware ZSLPF And Install Recovery.

Have you already installed ZSLPF firmware, the latest firmware leaked for your Galaxy Note? We’re bringing you a better way to enjoy that freshly leaked goodness, that is, through rooting it.
Rooting the ZSLPF firmware is now possible and easy to do using CF-Root Kernel. You can gain root access when you install this kernel and it comes with ClockworkMod Recovery
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Samsung's Flagship, The Galaxy S III Full Specification[Updated]

Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S III comes in with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD 1280x720p display and quad-core processor.Which is to release on may 29. 2012
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How to Create Seamless Pattern Tiles with Kai's Power Tools version 3.0

The directions here are for Photoshop, but any paint program that works with KPT 3.0 should work for these instructions, too.

1.Select File/New, and create a new image about 100 pixels by 100 pixels in RGB color. Select Filters/KPT 3/KPT Texture Explorer. Experiment by clicking on the different settings until you find a texture that you like, then select OK.

Explore the interface until you discover a texture you like, then select OK.
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NVIDIA Unviels Two games 'Jett Tailfin Racers THD' and 'Demolition Inc. THD' In Google PLay Store.

NVIDIA released two new games in the Google Play Store  and the Tegra Zone today, Jett Tailfin Racers THD and Demolition Inc. THD.  Jett Tailfin Racers THD is a racing style game where you are a fish and you make your way through a marine environment on a set race track.
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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S2 To Android 4.0.1 Custom ROM

 Samfirmware released custom ICS(4.0.1) Rom For Samsung Galaxy S2. Let's begin simple steps to install 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich In Samsung Galaxy S2.
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Root Your Motorolla Droid Rzr & Install Custom Recovery In Simple Steps.

Droid Razr, powerful device by Motorolla which is  also slimest phone of the brand yet. Which comes with Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and 4G LTE speed and dual core power.
If you want to get even more power on it, you may like to root it.
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How TO UseYour Android Phone As VPN Client?

Modern smartphone is not only a phone, its really just a small computer. You can do computer works with your smartphone. It is difficult to carry computers always and anywhere with us so your smartphone will work as your small computer.
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Download 'Fallen Realms' A Perfect Casual Game By SEGA.

If you are casual gamer who likes easy to control touch and play based games, here is the perfect fit-'Fallen Realms'.Fallen Realms by SEGA  offers touch and play battle system which will avoid clumsy virtual joystick. Fallen Realms is the journey into the far world  of caves
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American Tv Series 'Scrubs' Will Go Live As Android Game.

 'Scrubs' an American medical comedy-drama television series started(2001-2010)   which is now converted to android game.The game is fully inspired by Tv series and includes same jokes & features.
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How To Avoid Malicious Apps From Our Android Device.

 You may have heard about computer virouses  and its  not new experience with windows pcs viruses and malware but many people may not know that Android devices also may face security risks.
Malicious apps can steal personal information of users like login information, credit card number
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Tank Riders Addictive 3D Tank Battle Game[Video Preview]

Tank Riders  by Polarbit, a 3d tank battle game Gameplay is simply and fun. Stay alive by dodging enemy fire and blast everything in your path using a full arsenal of cannons, missiles and mortars.
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'Bad Blood TCG' A Different Card Game Available For Android Devices Now

Creative Mobile, brought 'Bad Blood TCG' a true brain game for android users. Join the epic battle between humans Vampires and werewolves.It is an addictive collectible card game.It is obsolutely a different type of card game, you can play with opponents online.
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'SimCity Deluxe' Build And Manage Your City On Your Android[Game]

Build and manage your dream city on your android..EA just released simcity deluxe into the android market,  specially dedicated to casual players .It is supportable for  devices running android 1.5 or above.
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Burn Your Android With Colorful Lights 'Burn The Rope:Worlds'[Review]

Well androds! the time has come for the mind game. Burn The Rope:Worlds finally landed on 
Android market. Game can be played with 100 different levels, four different themed worlds including
jungle, towns, fantasy and space consist of all fun.
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Protect Apps Using Lock Patterns 'Smart App Protector(app lock+)V3.9.1'

Smart App Protector(v3.9.1) by Suptnik allows you to protect installed applications using a password or pattern.Aside this it can also prevent your screen from turning off, and prevent it from auto- rotating when selected apps are open.
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'Gangstar Rio :City Of Saints' A True GTA Fashion Game By Gameloft [Video Trailar]

Hands up! if you are waiting for Gangstar game a true thrill and nasty game. Gameloft,  top developer which brought alots of games  on android recently unvieled its new game 'Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints'

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Root Samsung Galaxy Nexus On Android 4.0 Easily In Windows [Guide]

 Galaxy Nexus, the first phone to bring Ice Cream Sandwich which is to be realed in UK  and it has already been rooted. Here is the easiest and fastest way to root Galaxy nexus on android 4.0 .
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